It rained all morning, but the sun has come out. The kids want to go out and play. Normally you would be hesitant to let them go because having mud soaked kids isn’t every parent’s idea of how to spend their late afternoons. Fortunately that’s not something you have to worry about since you had the AstroTurf installed in the backyard. Sure they may get some residual dew but the sun can soak that up. The important part is that they will be clean.

But even more than this, they will be safe. Installing AstroTurf protects your children against immune diseases like Lyme disease and other diseases they could catch from insects and parasites. Lyme disease comes from the Deer Tick, so named because it’s usually the grazing deer that bring the ticks in your yard. With AstroTurf the deer will not be tempted to graze and will not bring the ticks into your home.

Plus, if your kids love playing sports you can have peace of mind that they will not rip up your grass in the process. Imagine the benefits of a perfectly manicured green lawn all year round that neither nature, children or even pets can tarnish. It’s easy to see the appeal.

If you live in areas that suffer from droughts during the hot months, you don’t have to worry about your lawn suffering. While the neighbors lawn may be turning shades of tan and brown or even balding, your lawn will be perfectly green year round. It may seem counterintuitive to people who consider themselves to be environmentally minded to say that AstroTurf is good for the environment but there are some very good arguments to be made. A lot of water is used on lawn care so installing AstroTurf actually helps your community save on water. AstroTurf does not require fertilizer, pesticides or gas powered tools for its maintenance.

Let’s not forget the convenience factor. You won’t have to spend hours mowing the lawn. It saves you time from working and gives you more time for living. Of course if you like to garden you still have that option. There’s no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds. In fact, installing AstroTurf in select locations on your property just means that you have more time to spend on the plants you want to put your attention on.

Hosting parties on your lawn becomes easy. If your lawn gets messy you can literally sweep away any dirt and call it a day. Imagine trying to keep your lawn clean without it! AstroTurf is soft and looks like grass so it can be enjoyed the same as grass.

AstroTurf saves you time, money and natural resources. If you’re really gung-ho about keeping it environmental, consider buying AstroTurf made from recycled materials. If there is ever any damage to your AstroTurf the cost of repair or re-installation is much cheaper than landscaping costs. If you want to enjoy life instead of spending time working then you want Turf Distributors artificial grass.