With artificial grass becoming more and more common, there has been more talk about some myths that come with having cheap artificial grass in your backyard. Here are some of the most common myths that are talked about when it comes to artificial grass:

Myths about artificial grass:

1.) The first myth that comes up when talking about artificial grass is that the grass is toxic for the environment. This only a myth because the chemicals and the products that are used for artificial grass are all recyclable and are environmental friendly. There have been many studies done that have proven that the crumb rubber is not toxic nor dangerous.

2.) The other myth that is also widely talked about is that artificial grass is unsafe for children and for pets. Many people believe that if you have children or pets, it is not a good idea to have synthetic grass. This is a myth because synthetic grass remain smooth and free of any holes that can make children trip and hurt themselves. Another reason why this is a myth is because synthetic grass when wet, is never slippery. It is slip resistant and this is why it makes it safer for children and for pets to go outside and play. After the children and the pets are done playing on the artificial grass, it is important that you gently spray down the grass with water to prevent any bacteria from forming.

3.) The third myth that is widely talked about artificial grass is that the pet waste can cause the build up of bacteria and orders. Although artificial grass can build a bacteria if there is water or trash, it is unlikely that the pet waste can cause this. As long as you are making sure that your drainage system is working properly and that you are making sure that you’re artificial grass is remaining clean, there should be no problem if you have artificial grass and you own pets. It is perfectly fine for the pets to go outdoors and P and play around as they would like.

4.) The last made that many people talk about when it comes to artificial grass, is that installing artificial grass means that you will not be able to choose your backyard design. This is not true because when you have artificial grass, you can still have very nice landscape and you can have the opportunity to choose the design that you would like to have in your backyard. You can add different plans and you can add different backyard decorations to make your backyard yours.

Overall, having artificial grass is something positive and comes with many different benefits. The myths that were stated above have proven to not be true. Enjoy your artificial grass and decorate it as you would like.