When it first become mainstream as something that anyone could buy and install, artificial grass quickly gained a reputation among the athletes that played on it as dangerous. This is more than likely because when artificial grass first came out it was nothing more than a small thin layer of grass-like plastic carpet that was thrown over a large field. Athletes played on this and when they fell they most definitely got hurt and they no longer wanted to play on a field that had fake grass on it. They wanted instead the real thing that they know would hurt if they fell but would hurt less.

As time went on and as the manufacturers worked overtime to make this grass-like turf safe for athletes to play on, eventually they came up with ways to make it more natural and softer to the touch so that when the players fell onto it they would not get hurt as badly. Unfortunately, the bad reputation was already stuck in everyone’s heads and no one was buying the new version of this field. So they kept working at it, they tried their best to show everyone that it was just as good as natural grass and that no one was going to get hurt if they fell.

Now there is the debate, which one is better for sports? Should you take the risk and have artificial grass installed? Or should you just stick with what you know? The choice is ultimately up to you, but consider this:

Quality artificial turf has been modified to stand up just like regular grass, it feels much more like a grassy carpet than it feels like plastic, and if it rains before a game it will soak up all of the water so you can still play. It also gives you a solid level ground to play on instead of something that is bumpy and full of holes.

Natural grass is guaranteed to be a soft enough landing, but it requires a lot of work to keep maintained, if it rains your game is definitely going to be cancelled, and it can easily be filled with bumps as grass and dirt get pulled up.

You should always trust the opinions of your athletes but before you make a final decision, try to get a test field with artificial turf to play on. It will help your players decide.